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Ashford Summer League 2017

by David Cue

I started Summer League in 2000, and so it will be the 17th year of running.  The 2016 Summer League season was the first time we have introduced a handicap system to the league.  I am pleased to say that this has been very successful so that this summer we have a near record of 20 teams taking part.

Summer League starts on Monday 8th May, with twelve teams competing in Division 1, and a further eight in Division 2.  As per usual makes are best of three legs played up to 21, with five serves each.

Division 1:

Ashford TT A, Iron Room A, Lydd A, Ruckinge A, Challock A, Iron Room B, Ashford TT B, Iron Room C, Lydd B, Challock B, Postling Posers & Ruckinge B

Division 2:

Ashford TT D, Ruckinge C, Ruckinge D, Ruckinge E, Ruckinge F, Ruckinge G, Ashford TT C, Iron Room D

Posted 20 weeks ago